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BD polishing wheel

BD polishing wheel

 It can be used for polishing process of general glass.

Code      Product Name
BD01      BD polishing wheel
BD02     Engraving BD polishing wheel (V/U shape) 

It is compose of high molecular material with a mixture of aluminums oxide and silicon carbide etc. The high molecular material is carefully selected such that the wheel is high elastic but meanwhile, with super wear ability and high strength. The metal compounds allow super cutting ability.
The elasticity allows the wheel in full contact with the whole glass edge giving thoroughly polishing and meanwhile, allowing easy discharging of polishing scrap leaving no flaw on glass. It could also reduce pressing pressure and thus, avoiding burning.
Thanks to its rigidity, the shape shall not deform nor crack despite of glass edge cutting defect, machine vibration and improper operation. The fine powder gives excellent bright satin finish.
The common edge processing is to use firstly metal bond diamond wheel, then secondly resin bond diamond wheel and finally BD wheel.

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