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Diamond Drill bits

Diamond Drill bits

Drill bit, router for CNC & Drilling machines.

Code             Product Name
WT01           Water chuck
DB02            Drill bit (Small)
DB03            Drill bit (Standard)
DB04            Core drill with screw head G1/2" stainless steel mounted (L75MM)
DB05            Core drill with G1/2" bronzed mounted (L75MM)
DB06            Core drill with G1/2" iron mounted (L95MM)
DB07            Core drill with G1/4" iron mounted (L65MM)
RT08            Router
DB09            Thread mount for drill

glass drill with chamfer angel

Chamfer angle cover with all kinds of specifications

Glass drill with taper (straight) shank

Glass drill with thread shank

electroplate drill


Drill bit 1

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